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Lordosis Leslieville personal trainer As we age,  stresses on our bodies lead to tightening of muscles and redistribution of supporting structural alignment. This often leads to over arching of the low back and rounding of the upper back. These postural changes make us vulnerable to injury. It is critical to improve our core strength through abdominal, and back strengthening exercises combined with flexibility improvements to the hips, chest and front of the shoulders.

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Neck and shoulder pain is another common problem. Normal head posture is when the ears are directly above the shoulders. If you have forward head posture, it will put a lot of stress on the cervical spine joints, and cervical nerves. Over time, this can lead to arthritis and degenerative changes to the cervical spine and numbness and tingling in the arms and hands. Osteoporosis is another concern for some clients and there is no better way to slow the progression than with resistance training. 

pilates roll leslieville At Leslieville Personal Fitness many of our clients come to us with postural issues that need to be addressed. Our program of resistance training and assisted stretching, combined with some of the most useful elements of Tai massage, pilates and yoga, can achieve amazing results.